Q. How do I specify what color or size I want?

A. While ordering please specify which color and/or size you want in the comments while ordering with Paypal. If no color or size specified we will choose for you! So please remember to do so!

Q. What do you accept?

A. We accept Paypal only.

Q. Is there a minimum? 

A. No

Q. Do you wholesale?

A. No, but maybe later on we will. Stay tuned.

Q. I have a idea, how do I share my ideas?

A. Go to the Contact Us page and share your idea with us! We love to hear from you.

Q. Where do you ship to?

A. We ship worldwide.

Q. Do you provide tracking numbers?

A. Yes, we will email them to you when your order has been shipped.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Missouri, USA

Q. Do you have a storefront?

A. No. But hopefully very soon we will!

Q. Do you ship to a P.O. Box address? 

A. Yes.

Q. I ordered a product then I got a email saying it was out of stock what now?

A. Once you received the email, you can either get a similar product with the same price value, or get a refund. You must email us back telling us what you prefer otherwise you will just get a refund.

Q. I wanted to know if you will have these items back in stock. 

A. We are working very hard to replenish them. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks. Don't quote us for this. Please check back from time to time to see if we have them in yet. Items on this website sell out very fast! So order now!

Q. Am I able to save a certain item until I can purchase it?

A. No, It's first come first served!

Q. I see on a certain item that there are different styles/colors, how can I see what the other options look like?

A. Go to the Contact Us page and ask us for the certain picture of the product you want to see. We will email it to you.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. No. But if you are unsatisfied with your item, we will give you your money back. Must be done within 10 days after your item(s) is shipped. Please allow up to 5 - 7 days to receive your refund.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Due to the change in shipping costs the shipping rates will be the following:

USA and Canada: $5.00

International: $10.00

Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my item(s)?

A. Usually it will take 5 - 10 days, possibly less. If we are really busy it will take at least 12 days. We will e-mail you if it's any later than that.

Q. I ordered a gift card, now what?

A. We will e-mail you shortly after your purchase with a code to enter at checkout when you use your gift card. Want to give one as a gift? Put your friend's e-mail address in the comments while purchasing and we will send them the code to enter at checkout. Don't want to use all the money on your gift card all at once? No Problem. We will email you with the balance of your gift card after you purchase. Please make sure you enter the code correctly, otherwise your purchase will not be accepted. Gift cards never expire.

Q. One of the items I purchased is not here.

A. We highly doubt this will happen, but we all make mistakes. If you didn't get everything you ordered, go to the Contact Us page and let us know. We will ship it out to you as soon as possible.

Q. What do I do if I receive the wrong item(s)?

A. Go to the Contact Us page and let us know. We will ship the correct items out to you as soon as possible.

Q. My item(s) are broken in the package/broke when I took them out the package. What do I do now?

A. If this happens, send a e-mail to carmelgoddess@outlook.com with a picture of the broken item(s) and we will send you your new items as soon as possible.